""Beneath the pressure of torments such as these, the feeble remnant of the good within me succumbed. Evil thoughts became my sole intimates-the darkest and most evil of thoughts.""
-Edgar Allan Poe, The Black Cat

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Diary - Thursday, June 30, 2011

Suddenly, I feel the strangest urge to bite!

I had the most pawsitively pawsome week, first I spent the first part of the week doing nothing while T.K. Millin spent her time exercising in the pool with her niece from Hell.  Actually, I have to admit she is the sweetest girl, but don't tell her I said that.  Somehow though I think she may already know I like her, because for some weird reason I couldn't bring myself to sink my teeth into her finger when she pointed it at me.

Secondly, I had the greatest time clawing out my Flash Fiction Friday for this week.  This week's subject is right up my alley cat instincts, demonic objects! 

Be sure to check back tomorrow, (if you are even reading this today, meow-hee-hee) for my story,  The Locket; okay it's actually T.K. Millin's, but I helped!

Fang-fully yours,

Efi Loo
The Cat Vamp    

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road Kill Cafe By T.K. Millin

The convertible’s high beam hardly brightens the pitch blackness of the desert night as it speeds its way across Route 395. “Freedom!” Cassie shouts, pulling off her tank top and swirling it above her head. Kate looks in the rear view mirror and smiles. She and her roommate have been waiting for Spring Break since New Year’s Day. 

Kate looks over at Hunter passed out in the passenger seat, still grasping his beer, “I told you my boyfriend was a light weight!” She yells back at Cassie. “Yeah, and he's a loser too! I’m telling you when it comes to partying, girls rule!” Cassie shouts back. She stands up and throws her arms straight up in the air, “Girls rule, woohoo!” 

Kate clutches the wheel with her left hand, turns and grabs hold of Cassie’s shorts, “Hunter may be many things, but he's not a loser," she says pulling Cassie down into the seat, "are you crazy you could have fall-” “Watch out!” Cassie shouts, before the car thumps.

Kate brings the car to a screeching halt, “What, what’s going on?” Hunter says shaking his head. “I think I hit something.” Kate responds. "Whatever something was it looked like a gigantic beast!” Cassie says throwing her arms around Kate’s neck. “Hunter, will you get out and look?” Kate says, running her hand up and down his leg. “I guess since you asked so nicely.” He gives his popular quarterback grin and opens the creaking door, stepping out into the unknown.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” He yells. Kate and Cassie’s cries echo off the desert’s hollow caverns. "What are we going to do, I just know we killed someone." Cassie screams. Hunter walks up to the car laughing, “Here’s your gigantic beast!”  He says holding up the lifeless rabbit. “Hunter!” Kate shouts.

After what seemed like hours of a roaring engine the dawn's light finally appears in the distance, “So Kate like where did you hear about this diner that-” Kate interrupts, pointing her finger up in the air, “No need to shout Cassie; the top is up.” She says. “My duh, so how did you find this diner that is supposed to be so famous?” Cassie finishes. “I found it,” Hunter says looking back, “on the internet and it’s not a diner it’s a cafe.” Cassie rolls her eyes, “Whatever.” 

Kate reaches out and strokes her hand up and down Hunter’s briskly jaw line, “Yeah, he thought since I’m finishing medical school and getting ready to enter the Funeral Director Program I would find the Road Kill Café’s weird animal taxidermy gone bad interesting.” Kate says. “Whatever, I’m just along for the ride, Cassie shrugs, “look there it is!” She says, pointing to the right.   

A JINGLING BELL INTRODUCES their entrance, suddenly, a waitress appears out of nowhere, “Welcome to the Road Kill Café,” she looks around the empty room, “sit where ever ya thinks' safe.” She says with a sardonic smile. The three of them look around the café, “Over there in front of the window.” Kate says. “Why you young’ins will be safe as a June bug in July.” 

Hunter wipes his mouth for the third time, “I can’t believe how delicious the special of the day was.” He moans. “Oh, you’re just a pig, you’d eat anything and you’re wrong it was disgusting.” Kate says. Cassie drops her fork onto her plate, "Don’t you two think it’s, like you know, weird with all these animals on the walls that look like they died a horrible death?” She stares around the room. “That’s the way they’re supposed to look stupid,” Hunter says pointing to a cat with human teeth, “that’s what they're famous for, having the world's most terrible taxidermy.”  He smirks. “Well I think it’s creepy and I want to leave.” Cassie pouts. “Hunter, I think Cassie’s right, we should probably leave. It’s not what I thought it would be and besides the waitress is a little strange.” Kate says. "Not to mention the ugliest woman I have ever seen." Hunter adds.

Hearing clickity clacking from behind, the three of them simultaneously turn their heads to look back. "How’d ya’all like today’s special?” The waitress asks, holding a lifeless rabbit up with her left hand. “Oh my God, it’s the bunny we killed!” Cassie shrieks. Kate cups her hands over her mouth, “You mean we just ate actual road kill?” The waitress cocks her head to the right and smiles, “Why honey, no, road kill isn’t good enough for our special of the day.” 

Hunter stands and grabs Kate’s hand, “I think we’ll be leaving now Ma’am.” He says. “Have it your way,” The waitress says shrugging her shoulders and turning to walk behind the counter. She flings the rabbit up on the counter top, “I reckon ya‘all didn’t notice the sign outside saying today’s special was Trucker Delight. Guess what tomorrow’s special’s going to be?” She pulls a machete up from behind the counter, “College Student Delight,” she says, raising the machete above her head, "and the three of you look deliciously delightful!” 

Hunter lunges across the counter top and tackles the waitress, but she’s too big and soon over takes him, laughing the whole time. Suddenly, Kate realizes how much she loves the self-centered bastard, “Quick Cassie, throw me your knife!” Catching it in the nick of time, Kate thrusts it into the spine of the flesh eating waitress and twists and turns it until she gurgles’s her last word, “flesh.”

The three friends walk out of the Road Kill Café holding each other’s hands, “Wait, I have something I need to do.” Kate says. She walks up to the outdoor sign and with the knife still clutched in her right hand she adds, “It’s to die for” in blood across the words; Today’s Special: Trucker Delight. 

“Wait, I also have something I need to do.” Hunter says. He bends over the railing and hurls. 

Total word count: 997     

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear Diary - Monday, June 20, 2011

I am so excited about this week’s Vamplit Publishing's Flash Fiction Friday theme, Terrible Taxidermy.  It’s based on this video from You Tube posted on their blog:

My ferocious appetite for all things scary and the images of all those creepy looking animals gone mad has my creative claws clicking away. 

T.K. Millin says if I finish the story and can have it posted by the deadline of Thursday, I’ll get extra catnip and maybe a can of tuna! 

Click . . . click . . . click!

Fang-fully yours,

Efi Loo
The Cat Vamp

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear Diary - Friday, June 17, 2011

Efi Loo when not vamping it up!
My supreme instincts tell me the human species underestimate what it takes to be a cat vamp.  Sure it's all fun and games when the moon is high and I'm out vamping around looking for something to sink my fangs into, but when the sun comes up the long hours of sleep I have to endure to keep up my image is, actually, quite exhausting!
Mmmmmeow, give me more!

Then there is the constant thirst, meow the thirst! All it takes is one drop on the tip of my tongue to start the craving all over again.

Even though I wonder if there are anymore out there like me or if I'm the only one in this vast world, I'm happy to say I love being me.

Fang-fully yours,

Efi Loo
The Cat Vamp

Here is Blaze McRob's Flash Fiction Friday Piece

Blaze McRob

Dear Diary - Thursday, June 16, 2011

Each week the Masters of Horror Facebook Group hosts a flash fiction Friday theme and I hope to join them. This week's theme is, Mad Scientist, and this my first attempt, (okay, T.K. Millin's), first attempt at writing a story in a thousand words or less.  I hope you enjoy.

Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive

The thumping sound of the beating music makes my head pound, but then again, it could be because my head is no longer attached to my body. “What in the world happened?” I wonder, looking around as far as my eyes could see, “Wait, how in the world am I still able to breathe!”

Suddenly, the music stops and the screeching sound of an electric saw in the distance makes the last moments of my existence as an upright walking man flash before my bodiless eyes . . .

TONIGHT’S CROWD WAS TYPICAL, A beautiful busty blonde sitting in the front row rolling her tongue across her glossy red lips in hopes of scoring a famous comic, a bald guy sitting in the middle of the room trying to impress the one night stand he’d hired for the evening and some faceless joker in the back who I’m sure will be tonight’s heckler.  “Little do they know, I’m Henry Jive and I’m the best comic alive!”  I say to myself, tapping on the microphone.

The crowd burst out in laughter when I tell the faceless dark shadow in the back if his Mama hadn’t been a two bit whore, perhaps, he’d have been someone important like me. I wait for the usual heckler response; only the dark figure doesn’t say a word. Instead, it stands up, bows, and exits the room. “Oh well, there will be another one tonight to pick on, there always is.” I think. 

As soon as the D.J. says, “Last call for alcohol,” over the intercom I willingly stop kissing the smoky tasting lips of the one night stand the bald guy left behind and head for the exit door. I shove my way through the steel doors, ignoring her pleas to come back and kiss her again. Instead, I head straight toward the love of my life, a 1969 Impala, in all her red glory. 

I fire up the engine and press on toward home when a strange feeling overcomes me. You know the kind you get when you know someone is watching you, but you can’t see them. I look over my right shoulder into the darkness and then into the left side mirror. Relieved, I turn up the music and press on the gas.

“How’s this for funny?” The voice shouts from behind. Afraid to look in the review mirror, I slam on the brakes in hopes of throwing whoever is stalking me in the darkness through the windshield. The next thing I feel is a sharp pinch in the side of my neck before the lights fade.   

Waking to the bright lights above I see a dark figure to my right, “Who are you and what do you want?” I manage to mumble. Without answering, the figure turns and walks away.  Struggling to free myself from the tight restraints, I hear voices in the distance, “Hello, is someone there?” I shout. The silence becomes deafening. 

Opening my eyes I stare into the piercing blackness of his mad eyes, “I thought you were dead?” I whisper. “I hoped you would.” He says, speeding up the power saw, “You know it was quite funny tonight when you joked about my mother being a two bit whore,the same mother who gave birth to you.” He shouts. “Maybe if I had a rich man to be my daddy I could have gone to a real medical school to become a doctor. Instead, I have no choice but to practice my theory of regeneration on live bodies and you, my brother, shall be my first victim!”