""Beneath the pressure of torments such as these, the feeble remnant of the good within me succumbed. Evil thoughts became my sole intimates-the darkest and most evil of thoughts.""
-Edgar Allan Poe, The Black Cat

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Based on Vamplit Publishing's Friday Flash Theme: Little Shop of Oddities

The speedometer on the 1974 Gremlin teeters between fifty and fifty-five as it makes its way down the lone highway toward the setting sun.  Cassie reaches out with her right hand and turns the radio volume up as high as it will go.  
“Seasons in the Sun, my favorite!”  She flicks through the overflowing ash tray and pulls out the tiny remnants of the Columbian Gold she spent half of last week’s pay on and pushes the lighter in and bounces her head from side to side.  "We had fun, yeah, yeah..." 
The Gremlin spats and sputters to a grinding halt.  Cassie looks at the darkening dashboard and watches the gas gage land on E.  With the last of the engine's momentum, she swerves off onto the right shoulder of the road and pulls the lighter out of its holder and presses the glowing tip against the singed joint.  “Thank God!”  
Cassie’s state of self-induced euphoria vanishes with the sudden surrounding thickness of black and she frantically searches for signs of hope through every window.  After searching hour by hour through the endless dark, she realizes her only hope is in the rising sun.    
Waking to a flickering light, Cassie holds her left hand in front of her face and sighs.  “Thank God, a police man.” She sits up and winds the window down. 
“Ya alright, Miss?”
 “Yes Sir, my car ran out of.” She pauses to catch her breath.
“Why I just live up the road a piece.  Be’d happy to give ya a lift.”   
“I. . . think I’ll wait until a police man comes by.”  
“Reckon, ya'd  be waiting a long time.  My mama made a big pot of stew tonight, if ya hungry.”  
Beyond the munchies, Cassie smiles and grabs her purse.  “I guess since your Mother went through all the trouble.”  
The truck makes a sharp left turn and the beam from the headlights shines across a freshly painted sign.  “Mr. Strange’s Shop of Weird Things.”  Cassie checks the lock on the door.  “You’re name is Mr. Strange?”  
He presses on the gas and throws his head back in a spine chilling laughter.  The truck bounces across the rough terrain and Cassie grasps at anything that resembles a door handle, but she soon realizes the only hope she has is that her death will be quick and painless.
The vibration of the hybrid engine blends with the surrounding silence of the lone highway as Jeremy drives toward the rising sun.  He reaches out with his right hand to adjust the angle of the GPS when his phone rings.  He pushes the handsfree option on the steering wheel instead.  “Ironside Realty.”
“Hey, Jeremy, heard you were coming back into town!  Wanna party tonight?”  
“No, Steve, I’m only back in town on business.   I don’t plan to hang around any longer than I have too.  You know how I feel about this place.”
“Yeah man, I know.  I just thought...”
“Steve, are you there?”  Jeremy taps the steering wheel and looks at the GPS.  “Shit, I lost all signals.”  
Familiar with the unchanged landscape Jeremy drives straight toward the blaring sun with only his memory as a guide.  He pulls the visor down and randomly selects a CD.  “Humm, Hits of the 70‘s.  Oh why not.”  He pushes it into the player and hits the play arrow and clicks the volume button on the underside of the steering wheel three times.    
“Seasons in the Sun, please, anything but that!”  He hits the seek button several times.  “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”  He clicks the volume switch up two notches and nods his head up and down to the beat of ‘Sundown’ by Gordon Lightfoot.
A tall tower of overgrown vines captures his attention and he slowly veers the car off to the right.  The leaves wiggle in the breeze and suddenly a gust of wind blows them open enough for him to read, “Mr. Strange’s Shop of...”  He makes a right turn onto the dirt path and follows it to the very end.
He waits before getting out to take in the sight of the abandoned building.  The shutters were rotted through, the winter winds blew all the roof shingles off and every window had a rock size hole in the middle.  The only thing untouched by time was the sign swinging over the front door.
“Mr. Strange’s Shop of Weird Things.”  He steps out onto the gravel driveway of overgrown dandelions and makes his way toward the door. 
He pushes through the remaining slats used to make the door and walks into the dust covered room.   Stuffed roadkill made to look like two headed rabbits, a unicorn deer, eight legged armadillo's and a rattle snake dog covered the walls.  Buckets lined the floor with tiny versions of the wall hangings. 

“Now that is strange, but not surprising.”
Jeremy makes his way down a small hallway, looking into the dilapidated kitchen, bedroom and bath.  He notices a door with a padlock around the handle.  “Oh, why not, no one lives here.”   He gives a shove with his right side.  “Crap that hurt.”  He stands back and lifts his right leg and kicks his foot hard against the aging wood.  
The door breaks wide open and he steps inside.  Covering his mouth, Jeremy hopes he’ll make it to the bath in time to add his breakfast to the filth covered toilet.   
He paces up and down the hall.   “What do I do...what do I do?” Unable to fight the urge, Jeremy slowly walks toward the door and again steps inside.  Stuffed roadkill made to look like a German Shepherd with human legs, skunks with human eyes, turtles with human hands, and the weirdest of all the oddities, a half bear, half human creation.
Jeremy walks closer to look at the decayed face.  “Cassie!”  
“Never did know her name.”
Jeremy spins around and splatters his remaining breakfast across Mr. Strange’s hatchet.  

Total word count: 1,000    

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tingling Cat Toes, It's Bloody Hearts Blog Hop Tuesday!

Won't You Be Mine...to bite?

To celebrate Valentine's Day, and the last day of Vamplit Publishing's Bloody Hearts Blog Hop, I wanted to share four of my favorite flicks where love's gone bad and my top pick in honor of my book giveaway, Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls.   These are movies you can really sink your teeth into, so cuddle up next to someone special, but not too close, they just may bite!

My Bloody Valentine (1981)
My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)
Sleeping with the Enemy

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out one of T.K. Millin's Friday flashes and add a comment for a chance to win an autographed copy of Demonic Dolls!

Efi Loo, The Cat Vamp

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hippity, Hoppity It's Bloody Hearts Blog Hop Monday!

Hosted by Vamplit Publishing  
To kick off the two day event, Efi Loo wanted to sink her teeth into five superstitions that don't involve black cats!   

If a girl sees a dove on Valentine's Day, she will marry a man with a golden heart.

If a girl sees a sparrow on Valentine's Day, she will marry a poor man who will bring lots of happiness in marriage and life. 

If a girl sees an owl on Valentine's Day, she will never marry.

If you receive a red rose, your lover loves you!

If you receive a yellow rose, your lover is jealous.

Time to move on to Efi Loo's Blog Hop Contest!

Efi Loo is giving away three copies of Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls; autographed by T.K. Millin, which features her story, Mr. Jingle, along with 17 other terrifying tales of creepy, scary, demonic dolls!  
Image courtesy of Angelic Knight Press

Here's how to participate:
  • One, be or become, a follower of The Cat Vamp Diaries: All Things Scary
  • Two, read any one of T.K. Millin's flash fiction stories found in Efi Loo's Friday Flash Fiction Gallery
  • Three, add a comment, good or bad, during the Blog Hop dates of February 13 & 14
  • Winners will be notified on Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Be sure to hop on over to Vamplit Publishing to check out all the cool blogs participating in the Bloody Hearts Blog Hop and all their pawsome prizes, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for a special Valentine's Day treat!

Thank you for hopping along, and hope you enjoyed a scary tale or two!

Efi Loo, The Cat Vamp

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Message From Beyond

Based on Vamplit Publishing's Friday Flash Theme: Antique Scientific Oddities

Professor Dane slid his left hand across the top of his unkept mountain of white hair and opened his lesson plan book.  He then scribbled the words Crab Nebula at the top of the page and drew a giant circle around the red letters.  “This week I’m going to talk about the mother of all supernova’s, and my theory of what lives inside the mass of the Crab.” 

Thoughts swirled inside his head and without hesitation he randomly jotted them around the page; supernova remnant in the constellation of Taurus, 6,500 light-years from Earth, at the center lies the Crab Pulsar, first observed in 1731 . . . a knock on the opened office door startled him. 
 “Sorry to interrupt, but do you have a second?”  
Professor Dane smiled in spite of his pounding heart.  “Why I think I can find a millisecond for you.”  
He stood and greeted Sherrie in the middle of the room with a tight bear hug and a peck on the cheek.  “So what brings my missing in action daughter all the way across campus during an afternoon rain storm?” 
Sherrie tucked a wet strand of hair behind her right ear.  “I wanted to be the first to tell you in person.” 

“Oh my constellations, you’re pregnant!”
She rolled her eyes.  “Dad, please.”  The relief in his eyes surprisingly diminished her excitement.  “We’ve received a message from Crab Nebula.”
Professor Dane struggled to keep the umbrella from turning inside out from the swirling winds as he sloshed his way across the parking lot.  “Are you positive it’s a message!”  
Sherri kept her rapid pace toward the observatory and entered the building with her father left in the distance. “It’s no wonder it took a message from space to get me to drag him over here, all he ever thinks about is how much of a disappointment I am.”
Professor Dane entered the office and shook the droplets of rain from his overcoat and placed the twisted umbrella in a corner.  The room was teeming with energy as people bumped into one another on their way to a twinkling machine or a beeping radio device.  
“Okay, zip it up people!”  Sherri held her right hand up in the air, snapping.  The room turned silent and she motioned for her father to come closer.  “See for yourself.” 
He walked up next to her and stood looking up at the lifeless tower, holding his breath.  The heat rose from the heels of his feet, through the tips of his fingers and out through the release of his breath.  
“I am a very busy man, Sherrie, and I shall see that the Dean hears about this little prank you and your band of soon to be expelled idiots played!”  He stormed his way through the room and out the door, leaving his mangled umbrella behind. 
Sherri refused to let him get the best of her.  Not this time, not in front of her team.  “It’s okay everybody, let’s get back to work.  Nobody’s getting expelled.”  Her gut wrenching pain soon found solace in the tower’s blinking message from Crab Nebula.      
Professor Dane always found walking through the small campus town a stress reliever and after the day he had he found it extra comforting to finally see the flashing “Open” sign in the front window of Chester’s Antique Scientific Oddities.  
He pushed on the newly painted red door and made his way past the tinkling bell.  Vials of strange floating animal heads lined a table on the right and rows of trinkets, brass coated contraptions and medical devices filled the rest of the tiny shop.  
“Are you looking for something in particular?”  Chester brushed his right hand through his wild mass of hair.  
Professor Dane spun around and  smiled at the mirror image.  “Yes, a telescope.”  
“I have only one.”  He walked to a table and picked up a telescope that had seen it share of time.  “Story goes, it belonged to The Earl of Rosse.”  
Professor Dane’s heart jumped.  “The Earl of Rosse!  He observed the Crab Nebula at Birr Castle in 1848 and named it such because it looked like a crab and after that he was never seen again.”  
Chester smiled.  “So the story goes.”

Professor Dane reached into his pocket.   “I have to have it, no matter the cost.”   
As far back as he could remember, Professor Dane had been fascinated with the planets and stars and often found himself fantasizing about exploring the many mysteries of outer space, firsthand.  He stepped out onto his deck and stared up at the night sky. “Perfect!” 
He pulled the telescope from the bag and held it close to his right eye and searched the vastness of stars until he spotted the constellation of Taurus.  Slowly, he twisted and turned the magnifying lens until a blinking orange light in the center of Taurus captured his attention.   
“Would you look at that!”  The pulsar’s equatorial winds slammed into the bulk of the nebula, forming an octopus-like feature that steepened, brightened and then slowly faded away.  “No come back!”  
Suddenly, tentacles stretched out from the sides of the telescope and suctioned across his face.  “I warned you to stay away from my universe, for you are nothing but tiny spectacles blowing through the winds of time!”
Professor Dane gasped for air.  “I hate always being right.”

After eight hours of decoding the mathematical codes she and her team received from Crab Nebula, Sherri delighted in the fact that her father was always right.  
Total word count: 942

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Diary - Monday, February 6, 2012

Yesterday, while most humans were eating, drinking and watching men chase each other up and down some field surrounded by shouting and screaming people, I was busy discovering I’m not alone in the world of cat vamps.  

Photo courtesy of Carole Gill
This photo was sent to me by author, Carole Gill, and I wanted to share it with you.  I wonder where I can get a pair of wings like that!
Life has been a little cat nip crazy lately.  I helped T.K. Millin finish and submit their short story for consideration in Angelic Knight Press'  third Satan’s Toybox Anthology, Terrifying Teddies.  It was a scary good time putting paw to paper!
Then there’s been Flash Fiction Fridays, cat napping while T.K. writes her blog, The Unknown Author (I give her space to write that on her own, makes her feel important!), and outlining my next big adventure, a middle-grade novel that combines historical fiction with science fiction!  (Okay, it’s really T.K. Millin’s project, but I know I’ll have a chance to add my four paws worth)  
I hope you have a killer week and don’t forget to stop by again on Friday to sink your teeth into some scary good flash fiction.  Vamplit Publishing's  theme this week is Antique Scientific Oddities. 
Efi Loo, The Cat Vamp

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bite of The Cat Vamp

Based on Vamplit Publishing's Friday Flash Theme: Medical and dental oddities 

Margie waited for the endless stream of previews to end and the theatre to become her favorite dark hideaway before digging in to the bucket of freshly popped popcorn; drenched in butter and loaded with extra salt. 
She had waited weeks to see the newest hit comedy, Romancing For Dummies, and the opening scene found her belly jiggling and her mouth stuffed full of the buttery salted goodness.  The cold soda barely washed her mouth clean before she shoved another handful in.
As her right incisor cracked against the kernel, Margie knew the long awaited dreadful day had finally come.  No longer could she use the excuse of not having dental insurance be her reason for never seeing a dentist.  It was time to face her biggest fear, but fear would have to wait.
To avoid having to face the crowd of movie goers, Margie escaped through an exit door in the back of the theatre and stepped out into the alleyway.  
The moon’s reflection on the dampened asphalt and the echoes of life in the distance sent a shiver of regret through Margie’s overstuffed belly and she turned to grab the door handle. 

The coldness of the solid steel door sent a bolt of pain straight from her broken tooth all the way to the right side of her brain.  Taking a deep breath, she turned and dragged her way down the alley.  Halfway to the end, a pile of rubbish on the left rattled and shifted and a bottle rolled out and landed in front of her feet.    
“I don’t have any money and I’m fat so you won’t want to rape me!”   
A dark shadow crawled out of the rubbish and zig zagged its way toward Margie.  She squeezed her eyes shut and stood frozen in fear at the thought of being mauled to death by the giant rat.  
She opened her eyes and smiled.  “Ah, your just a cute little kitty cat.”  She bent over and reached out to the pet its silky black fur.
“Hiss!  Growl!  Hiss!”  The white fangs found their way into Margie’s right hand before the cat ran off into the darkness.
“Damn cat!”
The glare of the morning sun found Margie waking refreshed and invigorated.  She lifted her right hand and rubbed her fingers across the two puncture wounds.  “Hmm, they don’t even hurt.”
Moping her way toward the bathroom, she reached up to feel the soothing sensation of her right incisor and pricked her finger against something sharp.  She ran the rest of the way down the hall and switched on the light and lifted her top lip.  “Oh my gosh, I have a brand new tooth!”  
She paused and stared at the reflection of the shiny white fang.  “Wait a minute, I just ran down the hall.”  She slammed the bathroom door and spun around in a circle.  “Oh my God, I’m thin!”

She realized if it worked for one it might work for the rest.  
Margie pulled open her kitchen junk drawer and pulled out a pair of pliers and then grabbed the bottle of Wild Turkey from the cupboard she had been saving in hopes of a special occasion and headed back toward the bathroom. 
After every shot of whiskey, Margie clasped the pliers around a tooth and yanked.   
Margie yawned like a cat at the rising sun and the anticipation of making her first dentist appointment in years found her fearless.  

The wrapping of the leather chair around her newly formed curves and the softness of the music made Margie hungry.  
“Good afternoon, Margie, I’m Dr. Giggles and what brings you here today?”  
“Oh, just a routine check up.”  
He pulled his chair closer.  “Let’s have a look.”   He slapped on a pair of latex gloves and flipped the light strapped to his forehead on.  “Wow!  I’ve seen some strange dental oddities before, but I have to say you win the prize.  Which parent did you inherit this gene from?” 
Margie purred.  “Let’s just say, the cat’s got my tongue.” 

The white fangs found their way into Dr. Giggles right hand and Margie delighted in her payback to many years of torture in a dentist chair.
Total word count:  728